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 If you can't play with it or eat it,
 just pee on it and walk away   


We work Hand-n-Paw with your pets.


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If you're like us, your pets have 
become family members! When you 
can't be home for them, whether 
because of work, vacation or other 
obligations, you want them taken care 
of with the same love and attention you
 give them. Maybe even more fun for the k9 kids. They get to play with friends, interactive games and toys, have a human 24/7, specialized k9 cooking for healthy living.

Pea-Nokio can he get any cuter?We offer a multitude of services for a 
variety of pets. We offer a wonderful 
change from regular boarding. I call it 
family style boarding. Because pets 
love being with people. No cages, 
Pets hang out with us where ever we 
are, kitchen, inside, outside, 
 watching TV, We all sleep in the same room so I can hear 
and comfort any night time troubles, supervised outdoor 
playtime, and much more.
 Pets have a little vacation while your away, meet friends and play play play!.  A great little k9 social club. It is wonderful to watch how they play and interact. They make friends an look forward to coming back for another visit. every picture on this site of pets is a pet I have cared for. Harmony happens Everyday with k9 kids.
We can also handle various home services pet, house checks, an such.

 Choose the schedule and services you want,and we'll do the rest. Any and all kinds of pets including livestock, and exotics =) Just name your needs, cause we aim to please.

gill:bell run play

Pet services include but not limited:                                                       

Family Style Boarding
  • Feeding
  • Special diets, cooking for pets
  • Walks: 30- or 60-minute
  • Supervised outdoor playtime
  • Supervised indoor playtime
  • Brushing
  • Shampooing
  • Playing
  • Home Made Healthy Treat
  • Specialized Healthy Home Cooked K9 Meals(Complete Nutrition)
  • Administration of medicine
  • Fluids
  • Blind Care and /or Diabetic Care
  • Member of  PUPS Professional United Pet Sitters
  • Interactive games and toys
  • Ball, fetch, frisbee, nose games, k9 playground. room to Run 4 Fun
  • Close supervision to pick up fast on any problems your pet might have.
  • Any needs your pets and you may have
  • Fully Insured
  • Plenty of Exercise, Good Friends, Good Rest

Contact us today to schedule services or for more info. 
Specials are on the services page.


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